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I’m Fionnuala, pronounced “Finoola”, am Irish, living just outside London and I'm hugely proud to say I’m an author. 


Before my writing career, I was an insurance pen pusher, a too-short-to-ever-be-successful model, finally ending up in the property world. There, for many years, I was a home search agent – think Phil and Kirstie but without the cameras – that was me. I loved it while it lasted, but the day came when that writing itch that had been with me since childhood, just had to be scratched. There followed three published novels in my own name, a fourth under the pseudonym, Nell Carter, and now, I'm writing my fifth, back under my own (albeit unpronouceable) name!


I’m a wife, a mother, a 'Nanu' to three adorable 'grandlings', a sibling, a friend: all roles which help provide fodder for the day job. In my novels, I love to write about relationships, to peel away the layers that influence a character's interactions with the people around them. (See later tab for 'Relationship' shorts) I want to know the ‘who’, the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of what’s happening in their lives and how they really feel about it. In real life, I’m a dialogue whore; love listening in on conversations! Coffee shops, the tube, standing at a till, I can probably be seen scribbling on my phone. People watching is a favourite hobby, especially by the sea - that sound will forever calm me...


I'm happiest by water. Not on it or in it - just by it!



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